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Banish Misfortune  ( Schafer & Sacks 1999 )

Medium light bluebird blue standards, veined darker; lobelia blue falls on lower portion, veined darker,

remainder covered by large signal of dark mimosa yellow on haft paling on blade, with deep purple veins.         

Ht 114cm


Berliner Overture   ( Tomas Tamberg, R. 2001  )

A lovely pale lavender pink flower with upright standard petals and long flowering period.Flower spikes 75 - 85cm.  Flowers for us from May to June but may be earlier in a mild spring.


Berlin Purple Wine   ( Tamberg 1993 )

Large wine red flowers are produced on strong upright stems; much more floriferous than many other wine red

cultivars. Ht. 90cm. Full sun to partial shade. Moist well drained soil. Hardy


Black   joker  ( schafer / sacks  2013  )

Unusual three coloured flowers with strong markings. Suitable for bog-gardens and moist borders in full

sun. Height 60 cm. Flowering Time June-July


Blaues Finale ( Tamberg 2009 )

One of the last siberian's to flower.   Mid  blue   H.t 70cm


Bundle of Joy  ( Bauer /  Coble  2000 )

Ht. 60cm  Rose / violet  falls dark wine.


Butter & Sugar   ( Mcewan )


Vigorous clumps of bushy leaves and tall stems of white flowers with yellow falls, petals

have greenish yellow veins from early to mid-summer. Max Height 70cm. Max Spread 30cm.

Flowers June to July. Full sun. Hardy.                                                                   


Cambridge  (  Brummitt  1967  )

Impressively floriferous with lots of supporting foliage and as a consequence quite vigorous.

The flowers are pale Cambridge blue with a golden throat nestling close to the foliage. Easy to grow

in any reasonable  soil in the sun.  H.t 75cm   Hard


Cape Cod Boys   ( Schafer & Sacks 2009 )

 Dappled shades of blue & violet with a silvery edge & lemon signals.  H.T 90cm.  Sunny.

Any reasonable soil. Hardy


Careless Sally ( schafer / Sacks 1996 )

Standards  pearly white, pale reddish violet shading, blue violet veining; style arms pearly white,

red violet wire edge, aqua blue veining   Ht 70cm


Charming billy (  schafer / Sacks 2004 )

Standards red / violet washed with light blue, fall  violet / red


Chartreuse Bounty ( Mcewen 1983 )

Ht 90cm  Midseason to late bloom.  Standards white, falls pale yellow


Cleve Dodge ( Mcewen 1968 )

Ht 66cm   Velvety deep blue purple.


Concord Crush (  Bauer /  Coble  2009 )

Ht 80cm    Standards blue / violet, falls dark blue violet


 Contrast in styles (  Hollingworth 1989 )

Standards mid wine, falls bright mid wine red   Ht 70cm


Creme Chantiliy (  Mcewen 1981 )

Pale cream fading to white.   Ht 90cm


Dance ballerina dance  ( Varner 1983  )

Graceful Siberian Iris which produces spectacular  flowers on 70-90cm stems. The flowers

produced from May to July are delicately marked. Left undisturbed, they will naturalise and

increase year on year.


Dark  Desire (  Varner 1974 )

Very early.  Deep blue  / purple self    Ht 90cm


Dawn waltz    ( Schafer / Sacks 1998 )


Ruffled with round, pink-lavender falls and short very  pale lavender standards. In the centre of the flower

sits white style arms. Early to mid season.


Dear Delight  (  Mcewen  1975  )

Powder blue flowers. Each stem will grow to 60-90cm high and can produce between 2 and 5 flowers per

stem.  Clumps forming. They are happy in full sun or semi-shade.  Hardy


Demure Illini    (  Varner 1984 )

Deep grape red. Much of the upper half of falls is white with grape red veins from side to side.

Two branches and five buds. Very  floriferous  Ht  90 cm


Double Play (  Hollingworth 2010 )

Standards white, falls white, yellow rim, yellow signal     Ht 85cm


Doreen Cambray ( Holling worth  2006 )

Ht  75cm   Standards red / violet, falls blue shading to red / violet


Double standards  (   Bauer / Coble 2000  )

Violet to purple-blue double has 3 wide falls forming a base for 6 or more upright standards that

show a bit of ruffling. easy to grow.  26-30" tall, 20-24" wide.  Full sun/partial shade. Hardy



Dreaming Yellow

Vigorous clumps of bushy leaves and tall stems of white flowers with slightly ruffled creamy

yellow falls from early to mid-summer. Max Height 80cm. Max Spread 30cm. Flowers May to July.

Full sun to partial  shade. Hardy.



Dreaming Late ( Tamberg 1997 )

Ht 90cm   Large white


Drei Quellen  (  Tamberg  2005 )

Ht 100cm   Early.   Dark violet , blue self, signal white


 Ego  (  McGarvey  1965  )

Vigorous clumps of bushy leaves and tall stems of bright blue flowers deepening towards the centre

From early to mid-summer. Max Height 80cm. Max Spread 30cm. Flowers June to July. Full sun.



Eric the Red ( Whitney 1943 )

Late bloom.  Deep red / violet self    


Ever Again ( Mcewen 1992 )

Ht 90cm    Early bloom & rebloom  Standards dark violet / blue falls dark blue, white edge


Flight of butterflies  (  Witt 1972  )

Standards medium violet blue, falls white with violet blue veins.   Ht 85cm


Fond Kiss  ( schafer / sacks  1999)

New variety.   Warm white with a large pinky lavender flush on the falls.  H.t: 80 cm   Full sun to

partial shade & moisture retentive soil. Hardy.


Galadriel  ( Hollingworth 2002 )

Ht 80cm   Late bloom, ruffled white


Ginger Twist   ( schafer / sacks  2009 )

New variety.  Lavender standards, ginger falls, speckles all over and pearly pale gold styles.  Ht: 75 cm

Full sun to partial shade and a moisture retentive soil. Hardy


Golden edge  (  Mcewen  1992  )

Royal blue flowers with golden centres and fine gold picotee edging. A border iris which doesn't

need damp soil and can be left to clump up over the years. To 90cm. Hardy.


Grosserwein ( Tamberg 2005 )

Ht 90cm  Wine red


Gulls wing  ( Mcgarvey 1998 )

Ht 90cm    Late bloom, pure white


Harpswell   Hallelujah  (Mcewen 1983 )

Ht 80cm   Violet / blue


Harpswell happiness  ( Mcewen 1983  )

Large ruffled creamy white with green-yellow basal flush.  Beardless flowers with narrow grassy upright

foliage.  H.T. 60cm  Full  sune to partial shade. Moist well drained soil.


Heliotrope Bouquet ( Hollingworth 1984 )

Ht 80cm   Very early bloom. Light mauve.


Here Be Dragons ( schafer / sacks 2003)

Standards pale yellow, highlighted darker, fall dark yellow overlaid blue violet.  Ht 70cm


Hohe Warte  ( Tamberg 2001 )

Ht 150cm    Whitish / lavender


Holdens Child  ( Tiffney 1991  )

Dark red / purple . Vigorous.  Ht 70cm


Hot Sketch (  schafer / sacks  2009  )

Ht 60cm    Standards pale lavender, falls yellow & red.


How audacious  (  Hollingworth 2009 )

Ht 86cm        Standards red / violet,  falls blue / violet, yellow signal


Hubbard   (  Mcewen 1982  )

Royal purple flowers with gold centre and bright green upright foliage. A good border iris. H.T. 90cm. Hardy.

Grows best in a moist soil but will tolerate drier soils once established.


Humors of whiskey  ( schafer / sacks 2007 )

Ht 74cm  Standards violet, yellow & buff. Falls pinky golden brown.


Imperial Opel  ( Bauer / Coble 2001  )

Ht 85cm  Lavender pink, multiple petals


In Full Sail  ( schafer / sacks  1999  )

Ht 70cm   Late bloom. Cream & yellow


Jerry murphy ( schafer / sacks  2009 )

Ht 77cm  Standards cream to pink, falls brownish apricot


Jewelled Crown   ( Hollingworth 1985 )

Deep wine red with gold blaze fading to white.  Ht 60cm


Just Cruising  ( schafer / sacks  2001 )

Ht 84cm  Standards pale primrose. Falls bright canary yellow


Kleiner Schmettering  (  Tamberg  2010  )

Standards  blue, falls light yellow, small flowers  Ht 100cm


Lavendelwein   (  Tamberg  2001  )

Standards lavender; Falls light wine red, brownish


Lemon Veil   ( Bauer / Coble 2000 )

It opens as a pearly, light lavender-pink with strong hints of a pale yellow color underneath that

lights up the “pinkness” and ends in a strong yellow signal at the base of the falls.  H.T 75cm


Linda Mary  (  Cooper  1990  )

Standards purple violet, darker rib; light purple violet styles with blue midrib, shading to turquoise,

Falls darker purple violet  flushed blue, white halo  ruffled  Ht 91cm


Memphis Memory  (  Varner  1990  )

Vigorous clumps of bushy leaves , stems of lilac flowers with white edge. Max Height 80cm.

Flowers  in May to June . Full sun. and moist well drained soil.  Hardy.


Miss Apple  ( Schafer / Sacks 2009 )

Exotic ruffled blousy blooms are produced during the summer with intriguing markings.  Happy

on the edge of a pond, and good for cutting. Easy to grow, preferring moist soil in sun or part shade.

H.t 70-80cm Hardy


Mr Peacock   ( Schafer / Sacks 2003 )

Light blue standards, darker markings, slightly darker rim; light blue, darker wash, dark blue rim,

white signal veined blue  H.t 90cm  needs a moisture retentive soil. Hardy


Moonsilk   (  Stahly  1991  )

Vigorous clumps of bushy leaves and tall stems of large pale yellow flowers with paler standards from

early to mid-summer. Max Height 90cm. Max Spread 30cm. Flowers June to July. Full sun. Hardy.


Mountain Lake  (  Gersdorff  1938  )

Broad, deep blue flowers. June to July. Ht.90cm.(3ft.). Best in full sun or part shade and fertile.  Good for

watersides, containers or borders and cut flowers.


My Love  ( Sheffy  1948  )

Azure blue accented with gold and white haft marks.   Ht 90cm


New Mown Hay  (  Schafer / Sacks  2008  )

Standards greenish white, slightly veined turquoise; style arms pearly greenish white, turquoise

 in heart and up lower midribs; Falls greyed green, soft veining  Ht 76cm


Not quite white  (  Schafer / Sacks  2003  )

Standards diamond-dusted white; style arms white; Falls diamond-dusted very pale lavender,  

white signal with  pale lavender, veining, red violet  Ht 46cm


Ordinary Angel  (  Markevicius  2013  )

Ruffled pure white flowers  Ht 75cm


Painted woman  (  Schafer / Sacks   2007 )

Standards pearl, red-violet veins and wash; style arms pearl, blue underneath; Falls red-violet over

yellow, signal yellow veined dark red-violet; slight fragrance.   Ht 69cm


Pansy Purple  (  Mcewen  1971  )

Shades of purple with short white lines at base of midrib; style blue tones in midrib.   Ht 71cm


Papillon  ( Dykes  1923  )

Vigorous clumps of bushy leaves and tall stems of soft light blue flowers from early to mid-summer.

Max Height 90cm. Max Spread 30cm. Flowers June to July. Full sun. Hardy. Water thoroughly before



Paprikash  ( Schafer / Sacks   2012  )

Standards pale ground with red-violet veins and dappling, yellow at hafts; style arms light apricot,

bright red-violet heart; Falls apricot ground, heavily speckled red all over, bright yellow signal with

Self speckles and veins;  slight sweet fragrance.   Ht. 51cm


Pennywhistle  (  Schafer / Sacks   2000  )

Standards violet, style arms light blue, midrib darker; Falls blue violet, darker veining, large signal gold,

changing to yellow and cream, veined dark blue violet; slight fragrance.  Ht 86cm


Pink Parfait  

Tall stems of double pale lilac-pink flowers appear Jun-Jul. Sun/part shade. 75-90cm.


Pleasures of May   (  Schafer / Sacks   1995  )

Standards white, tinted lavender, style arms white, few light violet flecks; Falls light violet,

small white signal veined light violet.   Ht 76cm

                                                                                 £6.00               Sold out

Prussian Blue  ( Tamberg  1993  )

Standards deep blue,  falls ruffled velvety blue.   Ht 85cm


Raindrop Melody  (  Schafer / Sacks   2003  )

Standards light periwinkle, dappled and veined violet , wide dark violet rim; style arms pearly white,

purple midrib, aqua and red violet flashes; Falls white washed blue violet, darker dapples and freckles

heaviest at edge, large white signal with heavy blue violet veining and speckling  Ht 71cm


Rauchblau   (  Tamberg  2007  )

Standards, style arms and Falls light blue, Falls dappled darker blue.  Ht 90cm


Reel Cute  (  Schafer / Sacks   2007  )

Standards pale periwinkle, diffused veining; style arms pearly, pale yellow tips, deeper blue-violet

midribs in heart; Falls periwinkle, lighter rim, pale and brighter yellow signal.  Ht 96cm


Regency Belle  (  Mcewen  1985  )

Standards light violet blue; light blue  styles; Falls medium violet blue , white signal.  70cm


Roanoke's choice  (  McGarvey  1976  )

Lavender pink flowers in spring.  H.t 60cm Full sun to partial shade. Moist well drained soil. Hardy


Roaring Jelly  (  Schafer / Sacks   1992  )

Pale purple standards, and deeper reddish / purple falls, with a greenish veined throat. 90cm. June



Rigmarole  (  Baure / Coble  2000  )

This double lilac Iris sibirica produces twice the number of upright flower petals. All petals have a

tendency to curl a little for added attractiveness. Blooms in early summer. Full sun to partial shade.

Moist but well drained soil. H.T. 60cm


Rikugi Sakura  (  Shidara  1988  )

Fall pink with pale buff hafts.  Ht 75cm


Riverdance  (  Schafer / Sacks   1997  )

Standards cornflower blue, style arms cornflower blue, white wire edge, Falls brighter cornflower

blue, shoulders flecked white, white wire edge, white signal yellow in centre and veined cornflower

blue; rolled  ruffling.  Ht 45cm


Ruffled Plus  (  Mcewen  1982  )

Beautiful deep violet. H.t 60 - 90 cm  Moisture retentive soil. Full sun to partial shade. Hardy


Scramble  (  Grimshaw  2011  )

Standards pale yellow,  falls vivid, bright yellow.  Ht 50cm

                                                                                   £6.00          sold out

Sea Shadows  (  Brummitt  1966  )

Standards medium blue; Falls mixed shades of blue, turquoise stylearms  Ht 90cm


Shakers prayer  (  Warner  1990  )

Beardless iris with heavily veined blue/violet/lilac flowers H.T. 60cm Moist but well drained soil,

Full sun to partial shade. Hardy.


Shebang   (  Bauer / Coble  1999  )

Standards  rose violet, falls  rose violet, large white blaze,  Ht 76 cm


Shirleys Choice  (  Mcewen  1987  )

Ruffled white with faint chartreuse infusion on Falls, yellow signal with green  tint; feathered styles

Ht 79 cm


Ships are Sailing  (  Schafer / Sacks  1998  )

Standards light blue  ground, darker bluebird blue  shading and veining, light blue, style arms pearly

pale blue, darker midrib; Falls darker bluebird blue


Shirley Pope  (  Mcewen  1979  )

A clump-forming perennial to 80cm in height, with vivid deep violet flowers, the falls with a basal white

blotch. Full sun to partial shade. Moist but well drained soil. Hardy


Sibirisher Fruihling  ( Tamberg  2014  )

White self; signal light yellow; wide Falls; small flowers  Ht  84 cm


Silberkante  (  Tamberg  1994  )

Standards dark blue; Falls dark blue, wide white edge  Ht  75cm


Siribische Nacht  (  Tamberg  2001  )

Standards dark wine red; Falls dark wine red to blackish purple, small white signal.  Ht 75 cm


Snowcrest  (  Gage  1932  )

White flowers are large, broad and have yellow hafts. June to July. Ht.80cm. Best grown  in  full

sun or part  shade and fertile, moist soil.


Snow Prince  (  Tiffney  1988  )

Standards pure white; white styles; Falls creamy ivory,  blue  signal with light butterscotch  Ht 86cm


Solar Energy  (  Schafer / Sacks   2014  )

Cream standards, light yellow styles, deep yellow falls.    H.t 60cm Needs a moisture retentive soil.  



Sound &  Spirit

A beautiful sibirian iris. Standards are creamy white. Yellow and pink blended fall. Ht 90cm  needs a

moisture retentive soil. Hardy


So Van Gogh  ( Schafer / Sacks  2005  )

Standards and style arms medium blue-violet, darker veining and edges,  falls  yellow, lighter at edge,

darkest at  signal, veined blue violet, darkest at tip, signal yellow, veined deep blue-violet,  Ht 76 cm


Sparkling rose

Vigorous clumps of bushy leaves and tall stems of pinkish mauve flowers with yellow at the base of the

falls from early to mid-summer. Max Height 1m. Max Spread 30cm. Flowers June to July. Full sun.



Stephen  Wilcox  (  Hewitt  2009  )

Standards rich lavender pink, centre veined violet; style arms lavender pink, turquoise band either

side of pink  midrib; Falls deep wine red,  bright violet halo around darkly veined gold signal;  

Ht 68cm


Steve Varner   (  Biscoe  1978  )

Standards lavender; Falls same, veined lavender-blue, ruffled; bright blue style arms  Ht 74cm


Strawberry Fair  ( Hollingworth  1994  )

Heavily ruffled crushed strawberry pink, small white signal; style arms light blue.  Ht 74 cm


Sugar Rush  (  Schafer / Sacks   2009  )

Standards pearly, very pale pink, very pale yellow trim; style arms pearly, purple and blue midribs

and areas on Sides, falls blended soft red and yellow making warm pink, veined darker, signal

yellow, dark pink veins and tiny speckles  Ht  69 cm


Sultans Ruby

Standards deep magenta; lighter feathered style arms; Falls velvety deep magenta, prominent

round gold signal, green hafts, ruffled  Ht 74 cm


Summer Sky (  Cleveland  1935  )

Pale blue, yellow, white. Early flowering. Small flowers.    Ht 90cm


Summer Revels  (  Schafer / Sacks   1999  )

Light yellow flowers with cream style arms. Suitable for moist borders. Height 85 cm. Flowering Time



Sweet Surrender  (  Hollingworth  1992  )

Medium wine red, white blaze; style arms light blue, red rim  Ht 86cm


Tall Dark & Handsome  (  Schafer / Sacks   2007  )

Standards and Falls purple, signal large white and gold, widely separated purple veins, style arms red

violet with  blue highlights   Ht 109 cm


Tamberg  (  Tamberg  )

Pale blue flowers  Ht 60cm


Three Hand Star   (  Schafer / Sacks   2001  )

Standards medium purple, edge lighter; style arms pale blue violet, darker blue midrib and heart;

Falls velvety  royal purple, pale wisteria blue  Ht 74 cm


Trim the Velvet  (  Schafer / Sacks   1995  )

Standards rich blue purple, style arms same, small, falls rich blue purple, white wire rim, small

white signal  veined blue purple; lightly ruffled  Ht 102 cm


Tropic Night  (  Morgan  1937  )

Vigorous clumps of bushy leaves and tall stems of dark purple flowers with attractive veining

from early to mid-summer. Max Height 90cm. Max Spread 30cm. Flowers June to July. Full sun.



Tumblebug  (  Bauer / Coble  2000  )

Standards rose wine; style arms absent, falls dark rose wine veined darker, small yellow signal with

large white halo veined dark wine  Ht 87cm


Uncorked  (  Schafer / Sacks   2002  )

Falls are yellow overlaid with blue and have large, round deep yellow signals. Standards are paler blue

over yellow. Pale blue styles have yellow tips. Height: 90 cm Full sun to partial shade & moisture

retentive soil. Hardy


Viel Creme  (  Tamberg  2001  )

Standards white,  falls cream white, throat light yellow  Ht 100cm


Wealdon Mystery  (  Wells  2005  )

Standards vivid bright blue-violet, upright; style arms bright blue-violet held at 45°, deeper red-violeteither side of rib;  Falls ivory ground, deep yellow-gold hafts, bright blue-violet signal lines radiate

out blending to solid  blue-violet at tip  Ht 91cm



Weisses Schweben  (  Tamberg  2005  )

White self,  small yellowish signal  Ht 65cm


Weinkonigin  (  Tamberg  2012  )

Light wine-red self,  green signal  Ht 84cm


Welcome return  (  Mcewen  1981  )

A clump forming and reblooming iris. H.T. 24" Plant in full sun or partial shade.  Flowers late

spring to early  summer. Hardy.


White Amber  ( Schafer / Sacks   2001  )

Creamy white flowers with yellow edges& lavender pink falls. Full sun or partial shade and fertile,

Moist soil. H.t 80cm


White Swan  


White Swirl  (  Cassebeer  1957  )

Beautiful, pure white flowers with unusual, rounded, flared petals and a yellow base appear in May and

June among slender, bright green, strappy leaves. H.T.1m


Wine Wings  (  Varner  1977  )

An attractive variety with purple flowers with pale lilac falls over green sword-shaped leaves.  

Ht.approx 60-80cm   Best in sun & in  moist soil.


Siberian iris